Monday, January 11, 2010


After last week’s mileage come back I had initially planned for 28-29 miles for this past week, and then make attempt number two at my 30 miles total for the week goal (which I had tried back before Christmas). When I woke up Monday miserable with a bad sore throat and cold I didn’t know how the week would turn out for my regular mileage let alone my goal attempt. I must point out that I am a MISERABLE sick person; I very much turn into a 3 year old child that needs constant care and attention. Kind of lucky for me I had already taken Monday off of work so I pretty much spent the day sleeping on the couch. That evening Chris made me some homemade chicken soup, and babied me all day. Since on top of feeling like crap I was supper tired, I worked from home for a few hours the following day and then sleeped the later half of the afternoon. When I woke up I had to ask myself “What Would Mrs. CJ Do?” Mrs. CJ is another blogger I have been following and she had just recently been blogging about running with a cold. Since my cold was not in my chest I decided to head down to the treadmill and take it one mile at a time (I should note after a good dose of day time meds and lots of tissues). Depite the cold I was able to plug away at some miles and I continued to do so for the rest of the week.

M- Rest
T- 5.6
W- 4.5 (Push ups)
Th- 4.5
F-Rest (Push ups)

After these mid-week runs I began to think I could actually get my 30 miles for the week goal, and I started to get REALLY excited. Friday was a rest day, but I actually felt a tad worse than I had the day before. I was still hopfull that Sat morning I would feel a ton better since the temps were again going to be in the teens (with wind chills in the single digits). Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30 am and felt so much better, I could breathe out of both nostrils….it was great. The temps for that run were pale in compairison to the road conditions, and the toll that it took on my legs. I headed out for the first half by myself and then ran with some girls from the group run for the second half. At the end of that run I knew I only needed 5 more miles to get my 30 miles for the week.

Yesterday running those last five miles I was pretty excited. It knd of made me laugh how excited I get when I reach these littlle goals I set for myself. Realistically this goal of reaching 30 miles for a weekly mileage total was just something I pulled out of thin air and thought was a good idea. Once I had my mind set on it I pretty much used it as my push every week. This is what I love about running. Just when I think there is no way my body can do something, I find away to push up and over it. Speaking of push ups I also completed week 3 of the push up challenge (I have been repeating the same week for three weeks). I will take a test this evening to see if I shoul d move on to week 4.

I ended the week with my mileage like this:
S- 11
Total miles (for my last week of being a twenty-nine year old) 31 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure what I will run this week (no less than 28), but since it is my B-day week we shall see. My next goal will be set once I see what my spring half marathon training plan is going to look like. I’ve joined our local running stores training program Cbus Pacers ( and I have a custom training program developed by one of the store owners (and 2:14 marathoner and the 2009 2nd place finisher in the Pittsburg Marathon himself). Once I see what is in store for me next, and get over telling myself I can’t do it, then I’ll see what next big milestone I have to look forward to in the future. Until then I better focus on getting my body use to running 30 some miles a week, I think I could be here for awhile.

Oh coming up soon will be an update and check-in on how my 30 Goals in Celebration of Turning 30 is progressing.


MrsCJ said...

Yay!!! I'm glad you are feeling better! Congrats on your new MPW PR!! Thanks for the shout out too! :) I'm so happy that your runnning is going so well! I need to get through my email and figure out how to add the RW contact you sent me.



Stevi said...

Oh your welcome! It was just wonderful timing knowing you had just gotten over this crap, but still plugged away (had I not read your story I may have stayed under the blanket those days). :-)
Oh I'm still trying to download the google chat app on my home pc (I'm just never on it long enough to remember). When I saw Coco's face on RW forum I started to funny!

Stay warm, and I hope you get the tank and shorts weather for the marathon. :-)