Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing Catch-up!

This is what happens to you when you get behind, you have to play catch-up and you’re certain you will miss something important.

The last time I left you was during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and I was dealing with a nasty case of shin splints Santa decided to bring me. I am happy to report that the time off Christmas week, and my massage appointment the following week did the trick. I’ve sidelined my favorite shoes (Nike Vomero’s), and am sticking with Mizuno Wave Rider’s and a new favorite (so far) Nike Air Max Moto 7. Not sure what actually caused the most recent flair up, but I was so happy to get a great massage and feel the tension and knots get worked out of my legs.

The following week (Dec 28-Jan 3) I was able to rack up 27.6 total miles, it looked like this:
T- 3
F- 2.6

Normally I would not have ran on Friday, but with it being the first of the year I had to kick it off running (even if it was a short one). In addition, Saturday’s long run was my first negative digit (with the wind chill) temp run. I ended up with two layers of pants, a pull over under my Nike storm jacket, and then hat and gloves. I felt the chill, but not so much to make the run to awful. However, I wake up from a nap the following day with a terrible sore throat, and by morning I had a full blown cold to cap off my week back to running.

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MrsCJ said...

This cold weather is terrible! Be careful staying outside too long. I hope it passes soon! I can't wait to be back outside running in shorts and a tank!