Thursday, August 28, 2008

Convention Highlights!

My Hope, My Vote...Barack Obama for President!

"These times require more than a good soldier, they require a wise leader" Joe Biden

"Barack Obama is ready to lead America and to restore American leadership in the world. Barack Obama is ready to honor the oath, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Barack Obama is ready to be president of the United States". Bill Clinton

"No way, no how, NO MCCAIN!" Hillary Clinton

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bye, Bye Olympics, Hello Democratic Convention!

Sunday night the Olympics came to a close, but what an amazing games it was. I don’t know if it is because I am getting older, but this Games for me was amazing (and that is hard to say since 1996 I bald like a baby as USA Gymnastics won Gold and Bela Karolyi said good-bye as head coach).

I never thought I would put any sport above my beloved gymnastics, but Michael Phelps converted millions of people into swimming fans (or Michael fans). It does not matter to me what “Greatest” title he is given in the history books, just make sure he is given something and that his amazing accomplishments go down in history.

As for my most loved sport, gymnastics, all I can say is how excited I was to watch both men's and women's teams give it all they had. Despite injuries (and wow where there a lot) both teams showed the world what fighters they were. Next to Michael Phelps 8 races for the gold, the showdown between Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson made this year’s Olympics for me. Both gymnasts have such different styles, that it was impossible for me to pick a favorite. So with each going head to head the best I could cheer on was for them to go 1-2. It was amazing to watch.

Finally, I could not post about the Olympics without mentioning the marathons. Since running has taken over as the most popular activity in our household, the Olympic marathon was a must see, and what an event to watch. The men ran so hard and fast for all 26.2 miles, it was amazing!

From the Olympics to the DNC ’08, the month of August is a busy month. Tonight kicks off the first night of this historic event. Be sure to check out the speakers each night until Thursday, when Barack Obama will formally accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Regardless of what party you favor (or not favor), this is a historic occasion that no American should miss. Tonight Michelle Obama introduces her husband to the world, and recent news reports indicate that Senator. Kennedy may be making a special appearance.

On a personal note, my husband Chris completed his longest run thus far, 10 miles on Saturday. Note to anyone else that decides to take such craziness on. Make sure to have plenty of filling food in the house, Chris ate anything that wasn’t tied down after completing that run.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama-Biden 2008

This afternoon I sat on the couch hoping that the two men that were about to walk on stage in Springfield, Illionois would be able to make the rest of the country feel the way I was feeling at that exact moment. I think they may have pulled it off.

The energy, excitement, and message that was deliveried today was exeactly the way this ticket needed to kick things off. Now on to Denver, where the Party will hopefully unite under one greater cause than an one individual.

Obama-Biden 'o8, Change I Believe In

Like millions of my fellow Americans I have kept my trusty iPhone next to me non stop for the last three days. While I was sleeping and my lonely iPhone was downstairs, the Obama camp decided to let the cat out of the bag.......the VP pick is......Senator Joe Biden, an excellent choice.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My first post...

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my first blog. I will take a moment to briefly update you on our story.

The one year anniversary of the purchase of our first home (in Pickerington, Ohio) is this coming week, and I am so surprised that it went by so quickly. I will post some pictures of our house in progress later, but over the last year we have made some great changes to the down stairs. Currently, we are attempting some dramatic changes to the upstairs, and I will post about that later too.

In addition, to our house being an on going topic, so is our work. As many close to us know Chris and I are always working (or Chris is always working and I was always working or in school). I have successfully completed my 8 years of college experience (4 undergrad, and 4 post grad), and I am happy to say I am working as a Paralegal (focusing on Litigation support and Legislative Tracking/Analysis) for a insurance company. Chris is entering into his second year with a software development company, where he currently serves as President (we now have a President in the family). Both of us have exciting jobs that keep us on our toes.

Outside of work, the new obsession of the day (well this one I have a felling is going to last a few years), is RUNNING. Chris has decided to train for his first marathon (we have tried to figure out when he first thought up this craziness, but still can't place it). As many of you know, Chris has been running for fitness for several years (since college), and if you also know Chris you will know that when he sets his mind to something it nearly always means he will accomplish it.
So fair warning right now, I am sure there will be many future post concerning his running adventures. As for me, I had nearly given up hope (and concluded I was just a wimp). For several years I had attempted to take on running too, but continually failed when it became too painful. I never really asked why it was painful or thought something might be wrong. However, this past spring I decided to go at it again (even got fitted for shoes), just to find out that I have really screwed up feet (high arches that roll outward, Chris calls them duck feet). Anyway, I have decided to stay committed to trying to take up running, so today I had my first day of physical therapy. I am sure I will post more about this later.

Finally, no post about the two of us could be complete without mentioning the love of our lives, our prince, Jinx. Jinx may become the star of this blog in due time. Keep a look out for more stories about his crazy life.

Well, that is all for now, thanks again for reading and I hope to share more with you soon.