Monday, February 1, 2010

We Have a New Home!

Hello All!

I have moved the location of this blog to a new host provider:

You may want to update your blog list and/or bookmark.

Hope to see you at our new place.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Bobblehead Run

After sleeping most of the day away I decided to attempt the treadmill.

My head was getting a tad clearer after a dose of Mucinex. My original workout I missed yesterday was 7 miles with 3 x 1 mile, .5 mile rest. I knew I shouldn't try what I missed so I went for a scaled back version. 5.5 miles with 3 x .5 mile, with .5 mile rest. My splits were pretty even: 7:58, 8:01, 7:54.

I drank about two bottles of water and at times thought my head was a bobblehead doll. On the up side I think it shook up some of the junk in my head. I'll rest tomorrow while Chris has another Frigid 5k race and then head out for 10 miles on Sunday.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick Again!!!

Dear Readers,

Does anyone have a cure for the common cold? Anyone?
I have managed to get nearly the exact same thing I had at the beginning of this month AGAIN.

Training is being derailed today because my head is about to bust open. Praying the fatigue and congestion ease up tomorrow and maybe I can get
my workout tomorrow.

I guess it's better to get sick week one, then week six.

Happy training, Stevi

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the Fun Begin: Half Marathon Training Starts NOW

The question is no longer, can I run 13.1 miles. The question now is how fast can I run 13.1 miles. Last year was my introduction year, this year will be about sweat, hard work, tears (I’m sure they will come at some point…I’m taking bet’s on March), and hopefully gratification. I still get giggly when Im running and I feel strong and fast (fast is relative to my level). Over the next three months my workouts will get harder then anything I have ever done before (yes I am stating for the record that running IS harder than cheering, dancing and gymnastics) but I hope to remind myself that I must always be thankful. I have a healthy body that I can push to new limits, and it wasn’t always this way.

This past week I knew what I was about to get into so I took it some what easy. Our running group with the Columbus Running Company also kicked off the spring training program with the Cbus Pacer group runs this Saturday. They have group runs year round, but the idea during training period is to have certain people designated at certain paces so someone is always in ear or eye shot of another runner. I took up the 10 min mile pace, since that is what I typically should run my easy long runs at and I know the route. There were about 6 of us grouped together, and it was a good time. Chris ended up playing zigzag, and was running back and fourth checking on the runners. That night a bunch of use got together for pizza. It was so funny trying to recognize everyone with regular clothes on, clean/dry hair, and not gasping for air. We had a blast!

M- 5.6 @ 9:30 pace (abs)
T- Off (Push ups)
W- 6 easy 10:16 pace
Th- 4 easy 10:32 pace
F- Off
S- 8 miles (first 3 9:18 pace, and last 5 with running club group at 10:16)

Total: 23.6

That was the end of so many easy runs (at least for the next 3 months). Yesterday I kicked off my new training plan with 5 mile fartlek’s 10 x 1 mile hard, 1 mile easy (I miss counted and did 11). The run looked like this:
Mile 1- 10:40
Mile 2- 10:46
Splits: 8:27, 8:13, 8:00, 8:00, 8:06, 7:55, 7:51, 7:44, 7:06, 7:03, 7:11
Last.71- 10:39

I also wore my heart rate monitor since I am on the edge about what pace I should consider “hard” (and that I can repeat that many times). I started off hitting above my 5k pace (8:16), and my HR was staying in the 175 range. I started moving it up a tad, and then figured after half way I still had something left so I kept bumping it up. When I finally got into the 7 min mile range my HR went to 187. I think the 7 min mile range should have been what I ran all of them in, but I didn’t go flying off the back of the treadmill so I think we have to call day one, week one a success.

I have a total of 34 miles planned for this week, which seems crazy since I just worked my butt off to get 30 mpw (just a few weeks ago).

Week 8: Honaker’s Road to Boston

Another pretty good weather week here in the north, and Chris took advantage of the dry roads. He is tackling some of the hardest training he has ever had, and is feeling pretty good.

This is what his week looked like:
M- 8 Recovery
T- 13.4 Medium Long Run
W- 8 Recovery
Th- 9.1 Tempo
F- Doubles 5.1 & 5.1 = 10.2
S- 20 Long Progression Run, First 10 at 8:09 avg, Last 10 at 7:31 avg, with the last 6 at 7:18.
Su- Doubles 4 & 4 = 8
Total: 76.7 (new weekly mileage PR)

This week will be a cut back week, and Saturday is the second race in the series for the Frigid 5k (the temps look like this one will really be frigid too

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bring It On.......

I was looking at my spring half marathon training plan, and for some reason was surprised to see that this SUNDAY is the actual start day for the training. For some reason I had it in my head it was next Tuesday, and now I have little butterflies in my stomach. Sunday I have 5 miles with fartleks, 10 x 1 minute hard and 1 min easy. I guess that's not too bad, but I'm not sure where I should put the fartlek into the run. Ummmm any suggestions?

Also, I am starting to look into this whole clean eating. Chris and I aren't awful eaters at all, but we do get plenty of processed/boxed and frozen foods. I would love to make my breakfast and lunch cleaner as a start. My first step was Chris picking up so whole organic flax seed yesterday. After grinding it down and storing it into the fridge, I used some on my oatmeal and salad today. It was pretty good and very filling.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When the Legs get Tired...

UPDATED: Wow I can't believe the number of stupid spelling mistakes. This is what I get for typing this on my iphone and posting before I check it on a normal computer. Jeez I didn't even spell Zensah correct,ugh!

You may have noticed during my Christmas post I got a fancy pair of Zensah "Pink" leg sleeves. My love for this product started back in May 2009. I was desperate to keep my shin splints at bay, and sooth my tight calves. I had read on Runners World some people discussing the great benefits of compression sleeves, and the more I read the more I was convinced I needed to give these babies a try. Recently, Chris has even turned into a believer (since he was wearing my old pair that I managed to put holes into and had to sew up, be careful pulling them on).

Between the Zensah leg sleeves and "The Stick", these are my go to products to ease my achy legs. I don't typically run in the sleeves (although on super cold days I have done so just to keep that area a tad warmer), but I do put them on after long or hard workouts. In addition I have been known to wear them all day at work (like right now since. I do most of my runs in the evening so if I wear them during the day I get a nice fresh leg feeling right from the start of my run.

Now "The Stick" is one of the products that you kind of scratching your head and ask, "does this really help?" for me the answer has been YES. When used before and after running I can feel some great benefits. I use to use it on only my calves, but after my recent deep tissue massage (pretty much an Active Release Therapy treatment) it was suggested I use The Stick on the outer area of my upper shins too. I get pretty knotted up in that area and doing this almost daily helps keep this area loose (I need to remember to do it everyday too). I was also pleasantly surprised when I saw Ryan Hall tweet a picture of him using a Stick like item on his calves too.

For some reason my life as a runner is pretty high maintenance (who am I kidding, I’m just high maintenance all around). My priorities have always been to get better as a runner while staying injury free. I understand all too well the desire of wanting to do something, but not having your body let you. If it takes wearing funny contraptions on my legs, and using a rolling pin then that’s what I’m going to do. Do you have anything unusual that you do to take care of your tired legs?

P.S. These are not the only two things I use for recovery. Check back soon and I’ll share a little secret product (that is on the fast track to not being a secret at all soon) that you may find at your local running store, race expo…..or heck just go online to their website and order some for yourself.