Friday, January 29, 2010

My Bobblehead Run

After sleeping most of the day away I decided to attempt the treadmill.

My head was getting a tad clearer after a dose of Mucinex. My original workout I missed yesterday was 7 miles with 3 x 1 mile, .5 mile rest. I knew I shouldn't try what I missed so I went for a scaled back version. 5.5 miles with 3 x .5 mile, with .5 mile rest. My splits were pretty even: 7:58, 8:01, 7:54.

I drank about two bottles of water and at times thought my head was a bobblehead doll. On the up side I think it shook up some of the junk in my head. I'll rest tomorrow while Chris has another Frigid 5k race and then head out for 10 miles on Sunday.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick Again!!!

Dear Readers,

Does anyone have a cure for the common cold? Anyone?
I have managed to get nearly the exact same thing I had at the beginning of this month AGAIN.

Training is being derailed today because my head is about to bust open. Praying the fatigue and congestion ease up tomorrow and maybe I can get
my workout tomorrow.

I guess it's better to get sick week one, then week six.

Happy training, Stevi

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the Fun Begin: Half Marathon Training Starts NOW

The question is no longer, can I run 13.1 miles. The question now is how fast can I run 13.1 miles. Last year was my introduction year, this year will be about sweat, hard work, tears (I’m sure they will come at some point…I’m taking bet’s on March), and hopefully gratification. I still get giggly when Im running and I feel strong and fast (fast is relative to my level). Over the next three months my workouts will get harder then anything I have ever done before (yes I am stating for the record that running IS harder than cheering, dancing and gymnastics) but I hope to remind myself that I must always be thankful. I have a healthy body that I can push to new limits, and it wasn’t always this way.

This past week I knew what I was about to get into so I took it some what easy. Our running group with the Columbus Running Company also kicked off the spring training program with the Cbus Pacer group runs this Saturday. They have group runs year round, but the idea during training period is to have certain people designated at certain paces so someone is always in ear or eye shot of another runner. I took up the 10 min mile pace, since that is what I typically should run my easy long runs at and I know the route. There were about 6 of us grouped together, and it was a good time. Chris ended up playing zigzag, and was running back and fourth checking on the runners. That night a bunch of use got together for pizza. It was so funny trying to recognize everyone with regular clothes on, clean/dry hair, and not gasping for air. We had a blast!

M- 5.6 @ 9:30 pace (abs)
T- Off (Push ups)
W- 6 easy 10:16 pace
Th- 4 easy 10:32 pace
F- Off
S- 8 miles (first 3 9:18 pace, and last 5 with running club group at 10:16)

Total: 23.6

That was the end of so many easy runs (at least for the next 3 months). Yesterday I kicked off my new training plan with 5 mile fartlek’s 10 x 1 mile hard, 1 mile easy (I miss counted and did 11). The run looked like this:
Mile 1- 10:40
Mile 2- 10:46
Splits: 8:27, 8:13, 8:00, 8:00, 8:06, 7:55, 7:51, 7:44, 7:06, 7:03, 7:11
Last.71- 10:39

I also wore my heart rate monitor since I am on the edge about what pace I should consider “hard” (and that I can repeat that many times). I started off hitting above my 5k pace (8:16), and my HR was staying in the 175 range. I started moving it up a tad, and then figured after half way I still had something left so I kept bumping it up. When I finally got into the 7 min mile range my HR went to 187. I think the 7 min mile range should have been what I ran all of them in, but I didn’t go flying off the back of the treadmill so I think we have to call day one, week one a success.

I have a total of 34 miles planned for this week, which seems crazy since I just worked my butt off to get 30 mpw (just a few weeks ago).

Week 8: Honaker’s Road to Boston

Another pretty good weather week here in the north, and Chris took advantage of the dry roads. He is tackling some of the hardest training he has ever had, and is feeling pretty good.

This is what his week looked like:
M- 8 Recovery
T- 13.4 Medium Long Run
W- 8 Recovery
Th- 9.1 Tempo
F- Doubles 5.1 & 5.1 = 10.2
S- 20 Long Progression Run, First 10 at 8:09 avg, Last 10 at 7:31 avg, with the last 6 at 7:18.
Su- Doubles 4 & 4 = 8
Total: 76.7 (new weekly mileage PR)

This week will be a cut back week, and Saturday is the second race in the series for the Frigid 5k (the temps look like this one will really be frigid too

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bring It On.......

I was looking at my spring half marathon training plan, and for some reason was surprised to see that this SUNDAY is the actual start day for the training. For some reason I had it in my head it was next Tuesday, and now I have little butterflies in my stomach. Sunday I have 5 miles with fartleks, 10 x 1 minute hard and 1 min easy. I guess that's not too bad, but I'm not sure where I should put the fartlek into the run. Ummmm any suggestions?

Also, I am starting to look into this whole clean eating. Chris and I aren't awful eaters at all, but we do get plenty of processed/boxed and frozen foods. I would love to make my breakfast and lunch cleaner as a start. My first step was Chris picking up so whole organic flax seed yesterday. After grinding it down and storing it into the fridge, I used some on my oatmeal and salad today. It was pretty good and very filling.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When the Legs get Tired...

UPDATED: Wow I can't believe the number of stupid spelling mistakes. This is what I get for typing this on my iphone and posting before I check it on a normal computer. Jeez I didn't even spell Zensah correct,ugh!

You may have noticed during my Christmas post I got a fancy pair of Zensah "Pink" leg sleeves. My love for this product started back in May 2009. I was desperate to keep my shin splints at bay, and sooth my tight calves. I had read on Runners World some people discussing the great benefits of compression sleeves, and the more I read the more I was convinced I needed to give these babies a try. Recently, Chris has even turned into a believer (since he was wearing my old pair that I managed to put holes into and had to sew up, be careful pulling them on).

Between the Zensah leg sleeves and "The Stick", these are my go to products to ease my achy legs. I don't typically run in the sleeves (although on super cold days I have done so just to keep that area a tad warmer), but I do put them on after long or hard workouts. In addition I have been known to wear them all day at work (like right now since. I do most of my runs in the evening so if I wear them during the day I get a nice fresh leg feeling right from the start of my run.

Now "The Stick" is one of the products that you kind of scratching your head and ask, "does this really help?" for me the answer has been YES. When used before and after running I can feel some great benefits. I use to use it on only my calves, but after my recent deep tissue massage (pretty much an Active Release Therapy treatment) it was suggested I use The Stick on the outer area of my upper shins too. I get pretty knotted up in that area and doing this almost daily helps keep this area loose (I need to remember to do it everyday too). I was also pleasantly surprised when I saw Ryan Hall tweet a picture of him using a Stick like item on his calves too.

For some reason my life as a runner is pretty high maintenance (who am I kidding, I’m just high maintenance all around). My priorities have always been to get better as a runner while staying injury free. I understand all too well the desire of wanting to do something, but not having your body let you. If it takes wearing funny contraptions on my legs, and using a rolling pin then that’s what I’m going to do. Do you have anything unusual that you do to take care of your tired legs?

P.S. These are not the only two things I use for recovery. Check back soon and I’ll share a little secret product (that is on the fast track to not being a secret at all soon) that you may find at your local running store, race expo…..or heck just go online to their website and order some for yourself.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Anticipation & a Trot Through the Woods of Death

This past week was full of anticipation. My 30th birthday was approaching, and I was also sent my training plan for my spring half marathon. Between these two events I was a bit of a mess. My birthday was perfect and turning 30 wasn't all that bad either.

When I got my training plan I kinda had to do a double take. WOW, it really looked WOW. I don't want to say hard, but it definitely looked like it was going to push me to a new level I have never been. For my running this week I just decided on that day what I wanted to run. After my 31 mile week last week, and knowing what I was about to get into with this training plan I went for a low key approach.

This is how my week looked:
M- Rest, attempted Yoga
T- 4.5 Treadmill 1-2% incline and Push ups
W- 4.6 Treadmill 1-2% incline and Core
Th- 5.1 Treadmill 1-2% incline and Push ups
F- Rest
S- Rest Frigid 5k Volunteering
Su- 10 miles on the hamstermill 1% incline(yes I know it's called a hamsterwheel...I renamed mine)& Push ups

Ever since I have been able to get my footpod working with my Garmin I haven't minded running on the treadmill. This week the weather was just OK and it always just worked out better for me to jump on it then get dressed for outside (the laundry I have saved this week was awesome). On Saturday Chris ran in our local running store's XC style series race called the Frigid 5k. There are two races and the times are combined for a total. Having never really raced much other than road races, this was certain to be a new experience.

It was suggested to wear spikes and/or some other type of traction on your shoes. The race would be over a park trail (unpaved), and through the woods of death (not really a trail at all). All-in-all it was going to make for a new experience, and certainly an awesome workout. Since it's hard to get volunteers to stand around for hours in freezing temps, I opted for this task instead of racing.

It was really fun, and Chris got a time of 23:26 14th overall and 2nd AG. Although it was a given times where going to be slower due to running over snow and slush he would have liked something a bit faster. He has ordered some yaktraks for his shoes for the next race, and in general the conditions we have had recently. This should help him from ice skating across the park, and allow him to actually run (not to mention seeing all the runners in the front with spikes and yaktraks on made him think he made a mistake not getting some). That evening we had dinner with friends at Japanese Steakhouse and then cake and trivia at their house. I got home well after my bed time and had a rough time getting up on Sunday.

When I finally did get up I went straight to the computer to begin tracking friends in both the Houston Marathon and Rock'n Roll Arizona race. I was supposed to do 8 miles for my run that morning, but I was so excited about following my friends. I opted for the treadmill where I could still follow them. The two Houston marathoners hit their project goals, and I was left following my Ultra girl. She was running her first 50k, and was posting some killer times. After 8 miles I felt so good just bouncing along to my music I decided to keep going. At mile 10 I finally got the update that my ultra girl had finished, and I was so thankful. I had actually told myself I would keep going until she finished. At mile 11 I am sure I would have rethought that.

I have one more week before I begin training for my half. The anticipation of how I am going to do this is kind of scary. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't questioning if I am even capable of doing this. I won't know until I try and I guess this is what will make the new year exciting.

Week Seven: Honaker's Road to Boston

This is how the week looked:
M- 10 Fartlek
T- 13 MLR
W- 7.3 Recovery
Th- 10.5 GA
F- 7 Recovery
S- 3.2 Race
3.1 Recovery
Su- 18.2 Long

Total miles for the week: 72

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recap of the 30 Goals in Celebration of Turning 30!!!

Quick note for those that may have tried to look at my training plan and couldn't. I think I have fixed the link and you should be able to see it now.

Well yesterday was the big 3-0, and I came out with no more wrinkles or grey hairs than when I was 29. I was spoiled to death with birthday wishes via facebook, email, online forums, and of course the family phone calls. My big sister sent me the journal I would need to document the new decade. Then Chris sent some wonderful flowers to work, and then topped it off with two books from my list below, the Dreamgirls soundtrack that went with the big gift which was tickets to the Broadway production of Dreamgirls (we are going next month). It was a fabulous day and I felt so blessed.

Now that 30 is here it's time I make sure I keep up with my list for the next year. So just in case you missed it the first time around here it is.

30 Goals in Celebration of Turning 30.
Rules: Each item listed must be completed and/or accomplished no later than midnight on 01/13/2011. For each goal reached I will post a review of the accomplishment on my blog.

1. Complete the 100 Push Up Challenge (actually do the final 100 push up routine since I have just started this challenge this week).

2. Begin and routinely do the 100 Pull Up Challenge (can’t even do one right now, so I need the 100 push ups to help me get too 100 pull ups).

3. Run a race with a friend(s) (actually run with the friend(s) just for fun. Racing for time, all the time can take the fun out of running. I want to love all of running, and that includes races).

4. Run a race with Chris (he may have to slow down a tad for me, but maybe by the fall I'll have gotten fast enough to make it above a jog).

5. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon (ran 2:08 this fall, and I know I can break 2 hours but by how much is the unknown)

6. Run a sub 24 minute 5k (eke that is going to be hard, but I'm hoping putting int the mileage will get me there).

7. Run a 10k (this is double the pain of a 5k, and that does not sound like fun at all).

8. Run 150 miles in one month (this just sounded like a good number; I should take a bet on how long it will take for me to get there).

9. Run 1200 miles in one year (again pulled this out of the air. Not sure with my training mileage if it will be possible. Guess I will see.)

10. Do Ab Ripper X routinely (I hate ab work, and never stick with it)

11. Get a promotion at work (sounds lofty, but I'm hoping a little focus and hard work will show enough to get this done)

12. Get a raise at work (goes with goal 11).

13. Learn to grill (I am not a cook, and grilling should not be just a mans job).

14. Cook dinner at least once a month (something different each month, again I am not the cook in the house).

15. Learn to make a signature desert (Chocolate-Whip-Berry Cake a.k.a Heaven Cake).

16. Read- To Kill a Mockingbird (nope never did read it in school).

17. Read- Catcher in the Rye (another classic that I never was asked to read)

18. Read- The Time Travelers Wife (now this one is a pure pleasure read, I have heard great things)

19. Watch- Casablanca (again another classic I want to be able to say I have seen)

20. Watch-Citizen Kane (and another classic, I feel like I have been missing something over the past 30 years).

21. Watch the TV series X Files (My love of the new show Fringe has me excited about this one).

22. Write in a journal (at least once every few weeks. I've said I was going to do this again for years, but never do. I'm hoping to recount my life story, kind of like the "I’ve been everywhere man" song).

23. Keep the Honaker Blog up-to-date (I failed at this before, so a great challenge over the next year).

24. Hike (walk or run) the 10 miles of Grandma Gatewood Trail - Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave (we did this foolishly almost 5 years ago and I thought I would die. It would be a blast to go back and do it again. This time enjoying the whole thing).

25. Travel to a state I have never visited before (I've got one on my list I should be going to in April).

26. Go to the Renaissance Festival (sounds silly, but I have a bad habit of saying "oh I want to go to that", and then never going. I have been thinking about going as an adult ever since I went to one when I lived in Sarasota Florida. It was in school and I was all dressed up in a big old dress (we were told to dress up). I'm going this year I swear).

27. Host a “family” get together at our house (Ok now I am sure this one has you saying "what?". It seems to be not such an easy thing to get visitors to our house. I am still clueless on how this goal will be accomplished, but I have the dream of a cook out, with family talking and having fun, ummmmm does this only happen in the movies?).

28. Have date night with hubby once a month (We were doing well for a few months, but then stuff happens. I think our definition of date night needs to be looked at, and included activities that don't always cost money. Hoping to find more creative ideas).

29. Paint, and decorate our master bedroom (bonus points for the hallways and extra bathroom. Going on our third year without working on these last remaining rooms in our house).

30. The final goal …………………………………Drum roll please…………………………………………………………………………………………………train………………and……………………run………all 26.2 miles………………of the 2010 Chicago Marathon!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let the 30th Games Begin........2010 Spring Half Marathon Training Plan (should be working now)

A very quick drive-by update for all my readers. Yesterday I was gifted an early present when my new spring training plan for Capital City Half Marathon was sent to me. The plan tops off at 41 miles, and was developed with two up weeks (as far as mileage) before a down week. However, my down weeks are high intensity training. At first glance I questioned my sanity for actually asking someone to do this for me. Then runner friend said something very profound...."Take one week at a time, never look forward. When the time comes you will be ready". No words could have ever been truer.

So here it is my training plan. I have the next few weeks of just some mileage before the fun begins at the end of the month. I think I will take that to heart and forget any grand idea for some killer workout (I think I have enough killer workouts to come). I hope this is working now:

Monday, January 11, 2010


After last week’s mileage come back I had initially planned for 28-29 miles for this past week, and then make attempt number two at my 30 miles total for the week goal (which I had tried back before Christmas). When I woke up Monday miserable with a bad sore throat and cold I didn’t know how the week would turn out for my regular mileage let alone my goal attempt. I must point out that I am a MISERABLE sick person; I very much turn into a 3 year old child that needs constant care and attention. Kind of lucky for me I had already taken Monday off of work so I pretty much spent the day sleeping on the couch. That evening Chris made me some homemade chicken soup, and babied me all day. Since on top of feeling like crap I was supper tired, I worked from home for a few hours the following day and then sleeped the later half of the afternoon. When I woke up I had to ask myself “What Would Mrs. CJ Do?” Mrs. CJ is another blogger I have been following and she had just recently been blogging about running with a cold. Since my cold was not in my chest I decided to head down to the treadmill and take it one mile at a time (I should note after a good dose of day time meds and lots of tissues). Depite the cold I was able to plug away at some miles and I continued to do so for the rest of the week.

M- Rest
T- 5.6
W- 4.5 (Push ups)
Th- 4.5
F-Rest (Push ups)

After these mid-week runs I began to think I could actually get my 30 miles for the week goal, and I started to get REALLY excited. Friday was a rest day, but I actually felt a tad worse than I had the day before. I was still hopfull that Sat morning I would feel a ton better since the temps were again going to be in the teens (with wind chills in the single digits). Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30 am and felt so much better, I could breathe out of both nostrils….it was great. The temps for that run were pale in compairison to the road conditions, and the toll that it took on my legs. I headed out for the first half by myself and then ran with some girls from the group run for the second half. At the end of that run I knew I only needed 5 more miles to get my 30 miles for the week.

Yesterday running those last five miles I was pretty excited. It knd of made me laugh how excited I get when I reach these littlle goals I set for myself. Realistically this goal of reaching 30 miles for a weekly mileage total was just something I pulled out of thin air and thought was a good idea. Once I had my mind set on it I pretty much used it as my push every week. This is what I love about running. Just when I think there is no way my body can do something, I find away to push up and over it. Speaking of push ups I also completed week 3 of the push up challenge (I have been repeating the same week for three weeks). I will take a test this evening to see if I shoul d move on to week 4.

I ended the week with my mileage like this:
S- 11
Total miles (for my last week of being a twenty-nine year old) 31 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure what I will run this week (no less than 28), but since it is my B-day week we shall see. My next goal will be set once I see what my spring half marathon training plan is going to look like. I’ve joined our local running stores training program Cbus Pacers ( and I have a custom training program developed by one of the store owners (and 2:14 marathoner and the 2009 2nd place finisher in the Pittsburg Marathon himself). Once I see what is in store for me next, and get over telling myself I can’t do it, then I’ll see what next big milestone I have to look forward to in the future. Until then I better focus on getting my body use to running 30 some miles a week, I think I could be here for awhile.

Oh coming up soon will be an update and check-in on how my 30 Goals in Celebration of Turning 30 is progressing.

Playing Catch-up!

This is what happens to you when you get behind, you have to play catch-up and you’re certain you will miss something important.

The last time I left you was during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and I was dealing with a nasty case of shin splints Santa decided to bring me. I am happy to report that the time off Christmas week, and my massage appointment the following week did the trick. I’ve sidelined my favorite shoes (Nike Vomero’s), and am sticking with Mizuno Wave Rider’s and a new favorite (so far) Nike Air Max Moto 7. Not sure what actually caused the most recent flair up, but I was so happy to get a great massage and feel the tension and knots get worked out of my legs.

The following week (Dec 28-Jan 3) I was able to rack up 27.6 total miles, it looked like this:
T- 3
F- 2.6

Normally I would not have ran on Friday, but with it being the first of the year I had to kick it off running (even if it was a short one). In addition, Saturday’s long run was my first negative digit (with the wind chill) temp run. I ended up with two layers of pants, a pull over under my Nike storm jacket, and then hat and gloves. I felt the chill, but not so much to make the run to awful. However, I wake up from a nap the following day with a terrible sore throat, and by morning I had a full blown cold to cap off my week back to running.

Week’s Five & Six: Honaker’s Road to Boston

So sorry I am behind on the updates. Here is what Chris has been up to as far as mileage for the last two weeks.

Week 5:
M- 10.5
T- 13.2 (med-long) and then 3 recovery
W- 9.1
Th- 11
F- 6.3
Su- OFF (first day off in over 50 maybe 60 days)
Total- 71.4 miles

Week 6 (cut back week):
M- 9
W- 5
Th- 10.2
S- 16
Total-63.8 miles

The weather conditions have just plan sucked, but he keeps on plugging away. This coming weekend Chris will take part in a Columbus Running Company winter tradition called the Frigid 5k series (two races two weeks apart times get averaged). It is about as cross country as you might get in the middle of the winter, and tends to be ran in top of packed snow (which we have plenty of). It should be interesting to see how this goes.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Author is out for maintenance.

Dear Readers,

Sunday is normally the day I update you on Honaker's Road to Boston and then our running for the last week. Sorry but that update will be delayed. Your author has reverted to the behaviour of a three year old, due to a cold that just came on today. Mr. Jinx is playing his roll well as my lap pal, and Mr. Honaker is cooking up some homemade soup.
I hope to return in a day or two with my regular update.

Yours truly,

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Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Stats...the building blocks for 2010

HAPPY NEW YEARS and may the next decade be a great one for you and your family. Since 2009 was the year I embarked on this crazy thing called running then I better follow all the other fantastic runner bloggers and post a 2009 stat recap. When I first started running I was using my Nike+. Between that log, and when I began logging my miles on the website here is what I have:
Jan = 53.3
Feb = 52.11
Mar = 50.35
Apr = 57.32
May = 55.35
Jun = 65.8
Jul = 74.7
Aug = 98.1
Sep = 92.8
Oct = 95.1
Nov = 108.4
Dec = 109.7

913.03 Total 2009

My race times over the year (thank you Mrs.CJ for posting this stat on your blog some improvement, but I hope with a year of running under my belt 2010 really kicks butt.
My 5k time went from 28:28 in May of 2009 to 25:41 in November of 2009. I only did two other distances 5 miler and the half marathon. My half time was an instant PR of 2:08. I move on towards 2010 hoping that the hard work I plan on putting into my training will result in several minutes taken off of both my 5k and half marathon. Oh and of course finish my first full marathon in Chicago.

As for my much more obsessive better half, Chris. 2009 brought him the following stats:
2009 Running - Total Miles: 2417
Days Run 275,
Percentage 72.5 %,
Biggest Running Streak 55 days,
Number of runs 299.
Jan - Jun = 944 miles,
Jul - Dec = 1473,
He ran 19 miles in the first 7 days of 2009,
He ran 70 miles in the last 7 days of 2009,
His 5k time went from 22:25 to 19:11,
His 10k went from 42:40 to 40:12 (both 2009),
His Half Marathon was 1:37 to 1:27,
His first Marathon was 3:38 to 3:08 (both 2009).
Something big is happening in 2010...

Thank you everyone for following along on our journey. I plan on documenting the roller coaster ride of 2010, hope you stick around for the ride.

Stevi & Chris