Monday, January 18, 2010

Anticipation & a Trot Through the Woods of Death

This past week was full of anticipation. My 30th birthday was approaching, and I was also sent my training plan for my spring half marathon. Between these two events I was a bit of a mess. My birthday was perfect and turning 30 wasn't all that bad either.

When I got my training plan I kinda had to do a double take. WOW, it really looked WOW. I don't want to say hard, but it definitely looked like it was going to push me to a new level I have never been. For my running this week I just decided on that day what I wanted to run. After my 31 mile week last week, and knowing what I was about to get into with this training plan I went for a low key approach.

This is how my week looked:
M- Rest, attempted Yoga
T- 4.5 Treadmill 1-2% incline and Push ups
W- 4.6 Treadmill 1-2% incline and Core
Th- 5.1 Treadmill 1-2% incline and Push ups
F- Rest
S- Rest Frigid 5k Volunteering
Su- 10 miles on the hamstermill 1% incline(yes I know it's called a hamsterwheel...I renamed mine)& Push ups

Ever since I have been able to get my footpod working with my Garmin I haven't minded running on the treadmill. This week the weather was just OK and it always just worked out better for me to jump on it then get dressed for outside (the laundry I have saved this week was awesome). On Saturday Chris ran in our local running store's XC style series race called the Frigid 5k. There are two races and the times are combined for a total. Having never really raced much other than road races, this was certain to be a new experience.

It was suggested to wear spikes and/or some other type of traction on your shoes. The race would be over a park trail (unpaved), and through the woods of death (not really a trail at all). All-in-all it was going to make for a new experience, and certainly an awesome workout. Since it's hard to get volunteers to stand around for hours in freezing temps, I opted for this task instead of racing.

It was really fun, and Chris got a time of 23:26 14th overall and 2nd AG. Although it was a given times where going to be slower due to running over snow and slush he would have liked something a bit faster. He has ordered some yaktraks for his shoes for the next race, and in general the conditions we have had recently. This should help him from ice skating across the park, and allow him to actually run (not to mention seeing all the runners in the front with spikes and yaktraks on made him think he made a mistake not getting some). That evening we had dinner with friends at Japanese Steakhouse and then cake and trivia at their house. I got home well after my bed time and had a rough time getting up on Sunday.

When I finally did get up I went straight to the computer to begin tracking friends in both the Houston Marathon and Rock'n Roll Arizona race. I was supposed to do 8 miles for my run that morning, but I was so excited about following my friends. I opted for the treadmill where I could still follow them. The two Houston marathoners hit their project goals, and I was left following my Ultra girl. She was running her first 50k, and was posting some killer times. After 8 miles I felt so good just bouncing along to my music I decided to keep going. At mile 10 I finally got the update that my ultra girl had finished, and I was so thankful. I had actually told myself I would keep going until she finished. At mile 11 I am sure I would have rethought that.

I have one more week before I begin training for my half. The anticipation of how I am going to do this is kind of scary. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't questioning if I am even capable of doing this. I won't know until I try and I guess this is what will make the new year exciting.


MrsCJ said...

That's awesome that you volunteered at a freezing cold race. Congrats to your hubby on a great time! Yak Trax are great little inventions. You are going to do great at your training. You are more than ready for the next level!


Stevi N. Honaker said...

CJ- We still have another race next weekend, and it looks like snow and cold is coming.