Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oops Did I Do That?

Well this week ended with a new PR and then a sad failure (depending on how you look at it).

On my quest to hit 30 miles a week I went out hoping at minimum for 28, but would have liked 29 miles. Opps, missing Wednesday due to a late night at work ruined that one. I had to squeeze in my miles on a very windy Thursday, and then some more on Friday before I had 10 miles for my long run on Saturday. I put 5 miles on the treadmill Thursday and 4 miles on Friday (I never run on Friday and was worried about how I would feel if I did any more than that the next day).

I then planned on my 10 Saturday morning before heading out for a day of Christmas shopping with a girlfriend. Sunday I hoped to get in 4 miles to give me my minimum of 28. Well Saturday the temps where in the teens when I started running at 7 am. I went out for the first 5 miles alone, and then would do the last with the other Columbus Running Company runners. The first two miles were ok (9:30 and 9:40), but then I hit the down hill. 9:13, 9:09, and 9:06 for my final 3 miles back to the CRC store. I saw the times, but I was just so cold and wanted to get back to put another layer on. I kept telling myself that my last 5 miles would be slower since I would be with the group.

Well I was able to dial it back into the 10 minute pace for two miles, but the other three were again in the 9 minute range. I didn't think to much of it till I got home and saw I ran 10 miles in 1:36, ummmmmmm that doesn't sound right to me. I'm the worse person to do math in my head, but I was pretty sure that was faster than my half marathon 10 mile split. Opps....should I really be running that fast so soon after the half, I couldn't have gained that much fitness to warrant such a speedy run. I was certain my leggies where going to revolt against me on Sunday.

24 hours later, yep the leggies where screaming profanity my way and begging me to stay in bed. I did so for a bit, and even tried to will them into submission for one more 4 mile run. Opps, this time I lost and the leggies won. Try as I may to give them some rest and wait till later today to run, they had a stronger will power to fight my pressure. So I lost, and decided to nap with the furbaby and then address some Christmas cards instead (sadly I found I do not save addresses very well and have so many I wish I could send a card to). So I end this week with a mere 24 miles.

On another note I finished week two of the 100 Push-up Challenge. Monday I did 48, Thursday 53 and then today 60 (mind you this is all done in 5 sets with 1 minute breaks). 161 push-ups for the week, now that is a good opps.

Happy Holidays!
Stevi (& Chris)


MrsCJ said...

Yeah I've had that happen. Some days there is more speed than you plan and it can mess up the week. Over time it should get better. That is amazing about your push ups!


Stevi N. Honaker said...

Speed Happens! That's a great t-shirt line.
The 100 push up challenge has been fun, but only week two and it feels like I should be done.

I've got some spaghetti arms so I hope to have the beginnings of something by the end of this thing.