Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Man Winter & Week 2 of "Honaker's Road to Boston"

Old man winter has arrived, but the running must continue (at least that is what Chris thinks). The last two weekend long runs have required tights, hats and gloves. I am still learning what level of layering I need, but over all it hasn't been too awful, YET. However, one lesson my dear readers I have learned while running in the cold. It is not the best idea to allow your body to cool down and then go back out to finish a run when temps are in the 30's or below. Let me just say the fingers turn into ice and the teeth chatter like a rattle.

As far as Boston training goes (I've titled it "Honaker's Road to Boston" since he is the only Honaker registered), Chris appears to be doing well. I am still trying to get him to write a post regarding his training, but until there you will have my observations. A month ago he decided to go from running 6 days to 7 days a week. He hasn't had a rest day in a month, and of course in good old Chris fashion everything seems to be going well. His weekly mileage is at about 62ish miles, and aside from hearing about nearly getting hit, or another dog chasing him all appears to be coming along. Since I'm talking about Boston, a great friend Chris has met was shut out of Boston when it closed so early in November (she was waiting to hopefully submit a faster time for a better placement after the Philly marathon). Well through some great connections her incredible story made its way to the BAA and she is in as a qualified runner. In a few weeks I will devote a whole post to her story, which includes running the Boston to Big Sur challenge for charity, her devotion to our country as a Marine, and her next venture as a business women with the development of "?" (I can't tell you yet, but let's say I was treated with an early sample of this product and my leggies couldn't have been more thankful after the half marathon).

Christmas is not far off, and surprisingly most of our shopping is complete, well except when Chris decided that he doesn't like what he got me. Every year it is the same story.....I try to find a present(s) that he would have no idea I would get for him, and he constantly says "oh I don't like what I got you". It's this cat and mouse game of expectations I have come to love this time of year. What has made it harder this year is that we are both out of creative ideas and had no choice but to rely solely on our Christmas list (which we provide with links to the cheapest place to purchase). On my side Chris has already seen the name of one box and knows exactly what's in that, and then ordered something I already got him. Chris being the ever so thoughtful gift giver he is, decided that I was in need of a gift more now than later, and he wanted to give me something else......thus explained why a pair of Nike running tights came flying at me a few days ago (which would made for a wonderful early Christmas present….thank you my dear). All of this wouldn’t be so funny if Chris and I didn’t LOVE shopping for Christmas presents for each other, it is what makes our Christmas special. So as the brave soul that I am, I will venture out this weekend into the vast oasis of crazy Christmas shoppers. With a great pal, we will tackle (and conquer) our last minute shopping needs. Now if only I can get my Christmas cards out this weekend.....I'll really feel accomplished.

Happy Holidays!
Stevi (& Chris)

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MrsCJ said...

Glad the running is going well. Rob and I are terrible at waiting until Christmas Day or our birthdays to give presents and usually give them early. We are trying to wait until Christmas this year, but we will see. :)