Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Year Running Anniversay...how did I almost forget.

I was getting an awesome massage on my shins last night when I remembered that this week is my one year anniversary when I started running.

Running has brought my husband and I together in a whole new way (not that we were lost before), it has given me peace when I needed it most, it has opened a new world full of new friends (both online and in person). What I forever must be greatful for is my health. Running has provided me the avenue to breathe deeper, live longer, and respect the body I've been given.

It wasn't an easy road to get to this point. I found out I wasn't only a high maintenance kind of gal, but I'm also a high maintenance kind of runner. After numerous different shoes, PT appointments and tears I found my running legs.

I have to believe Chris had some doubts I'd even like running, but he continued to support every crazy fad I tried to just get started with running. Love ya honey and you inspire me everyday to just keep on moving.

Thanks for reading everyone I appreciate all the support and I hope I can return it.

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L.A. Runner said...

I haven't checked out your blog in awhile, but this post is awesome! I love having my shins massaged, too! Congrats on such a successful first year!

Stevi N. Honaker said...

LA Runner- Thanks so much! You have been an awesome inspiration, and your so honest on your blog.

Thanks again!

runnerjim said...

Happy New Year Stevi and RTI!

aron said...

happy runniversary and happy 2010!!