Monday, December 28, 2009

All I Want For Christmas......

When I last left you I was excited about logging a new weekly mileage high of 29 miles despite a failed long run. I was hoping Santa would bring me some fresh legs, and allow me to hit my goal of 30 miles in a week for Christmas. I won't make you wait in suspense by wondering if I got it or not. Nope Santa decided that this wish was not happening this week, and it was made evident pretty early.

Monday was a planned rest day, and after the somewhat successful Sunday run that I had I was very hopeful for Tuesday evening run. I was planning on getting 6 miles in, and set myself up nicely for the 30 mpw goal. My gut was telling me it might be a good idea to run past the CRC store (about 1.5 miles into my run). Good thing I did since my shins tightened up so bad it hurt to walk. I decided I was being told I needed another day off so I called Chris to come get me. So Monday was a planned rest day, and Tuesday and Wednesday I had two unplanned rest days.
Now here is the point that I must interrupt your normally scheduled programming about my running life to share some not so scheduled programming. Wednesday was a short day at work. I left the office after having gotten a good deal of work done, and also finding a massage therapist that was familiar with working on runners (I made my appointment for the Monday after Christmas). I was excited to get home, and begin my long holiday weekend. No more than 3 minutes after leaving my office I was sitting at a red light and then I heard it....crunch!

Well wouldn't you know Santa thought I needed a new bumper. The girl behind me thought she had a tad more room than what she did when she tried to switch lanes. So I got out of the car and asked if she was fine. Looking at the damage I was lucky my whole bumper hadn't fallen off, but it was going to need replaced. Then I began the process of gathering information. I was a tad nervous about screwing up and not getting what I needed (I'm a paralegal and it would not look good). Lucky for me I dealt with two nice insurance adjusters (maybe it was the holidays that had them in a cheery mood). The other driver accepted liability and lucky for me she had full insurance. Now I am just waiting for the body shop to call to schedule the care repair.

Christmas eve I ventured to a local park trail with Chris and tried for 3-4 miles ( I really needed to burn off some sugar and stored energy from the day before). The first two left me cursing my legs, but the last two miles things began to turn around for me (I finally had some hope). I decided after the somewhat successful run to rest again Friday in hopes I could get more than 5 miles on Saturdays long run day.

Christmas eve evening was a family get together. As Chris and I were gathering up everything to hit the road, he went to put on his watch and wedding ring (which he normally only wears when leaving the house). After checking all the normal sports he puts it, we began to scan the floors. After 15 minutes of searching and coming up with nothing we left. Three plus days later and even the trash was searched, but sadly the ring has not been found. I'm not mad, but just sad that it may be gone forever. Chris has really beaten himself up over the losing the ring, but these things happen. We are already looking for a replacement, but regardless it is just a ring that was lost not our vows.

Back to running, Christmas morning was wonderful. Like usual Chris spoils me, and even gave into a little item I had been asking for in PINK.

These calf sleeves are awesome!

After a day (or two) filled with family and food....lots and lots of food. I was ready for a longer run on Saturday morning. Lucky for me I got 7 miles in, and all were completed without any real pain. I tested my luck again on Sunday and got 5 miles done on the park trail. Even with the injury, holiday craziness, wrecked car, and lost symbol of love this week I still got 18 miles total for the week. Today I am going to see a massage therapist, and yesterday I ordered a new pair of shoes. Later this week I'll post about my thoughts regarding WHY I get stupid shin splints, and actions I need to take to prevent this in the future.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and now it's time to look forward to a New Year (along with a post on a reflection of this past year).


MrsCJ said...

What a rollercoaster of events! That's a bummer about your car and Chris' ring. Glad your shins are feeling better! The picture of you and Jinx is too cute!


Stevi N. Honaker said...

Considering rollercoasters scare me to death, it could have been worse. The car will be fixed, my shins will heal, and a lost ring doesn't mean the end to our marriage (just a lot of good jabs).

Thanks about the picture, I just wish that I could get rid of dog eye glare. :-)