Friday, November 6, 2009

Where can I get some of that speed?

Last Sunday was a great day for American distance running. Even if you don't follow running you have to smile at the news that Med Keflezighi was the first American to win the New York City Marathon in 27 years.
Chris and I joined other runners at the Columbus Running Company store in Westerville for another group run (we also do the group run on Saturday mornings in Pickerington), and then watched the marathon at the store while downing some great pancakes. It was fun to watch and cheer on the runners with other runners. Last week was also a week of first for me. I successfully ran 5 days a week. I previously only ran 4 days a week, but I decided I wanted to add another day. Sunday seems to be a great day to get an easy 2-3 mile run in.

After a weekend of great running (well beside a weird stomach crap I got on my Saturday run) I started the week dreading the time change. Monday I put in an easy 4 miles on the treadmill (I have vowed to make Monday recover days since I've never ran three days in a row before) so no issues with the time change, but Wednesday was a different story. I really wanted to go to the running trail, so I hurried home after work hoping that Chris and I could get our run completed before is was too dark. Oops, not sure what I was thinking, but when it says sunsets at 5:30 that doesn't mean it will still be light outside 30 minutes after sunset. I got pretty spooked several times, which made my 5k pace mile pretty easy. Chris ran by a deer that he could nearly touch, and then the Park Ranger decided to tell us just how bad we were for being out on the trail that late. That will be the end to my trail running till the sun decides to stay out for a little longer. On the plus side, I had a really good 5 mile tempoish run with a 9:30's average pace.

Thursday we both stuck close to home and ran in our neighborhood. I dressed up in my new Nike pullover we got on clearance (thanks to the hubby for my awesome present), and then strapped on two reflective bands and a blinky light. Drivers had no reason at all to miss me on the road. I decided to try and make my own 4 mile loop that would take me by the CRC store, and then back home. For once I was able to figure out my path with no issues, and finished my run thinking "this running thing is easy". Now that was an exciting thought last night. I just sort of thought for the first time since I started running how effortless that run was. The best part was I ran it all in under 10 minute miles. Now I know for my other running buds that is really slow, but I have only started running any training runs under 10 minute miles over the last 2 months. It use to be only on speed workouts with the fast CRC runners was I able to run under 10 minute miles, Now my body just does it on it's own. I feel like I am shedding my beginner runner shell.

This weekend Chris and I are supposed to do a local race (me a 5k and him a 10K). We both haven’t felt that excited about racing, but were hoping that feeling changes come Sunday. For me it will be about mentally wrapping my head around the pain you are suppose to feel when really racing a 5k (yes I am a whimp 100%), but Chris is still coming off his super fast marathon three weeks ago and is just not sure if his legs are ready for the speed of racing. On the plus and down side we may not even be registered since it is a roll over from a race we missed over the summer. The director is not the easiest to reach and with no race day registration, we may not even have a spot in the race.

Have a great weekend!
Stevi & Chris

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MrsCJ said...

That's awesome that your running is progressing nicely! Rob and I have felt blech about running a race sometimes, even up to the start, usually when we are coming off a big race or haven't raced in awhile. But then when it gets going my mind gets right back into it. That would be weird to get up and get ready for a race and not know if you are even going to be allowed to run. Hopefully the registration is all worked out!