Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Live to run another race....

Last week I certainly had some left over pains from the gravel race, but by the weekend all was well again. I was looking forward to my weekend double digit run and the reward that awaited me at the end, pumpkin pie!

Chris was going to do a 15 miler (but if you count running with me too and from the CRC store then he did 17 miles), and I had my 10 mile run. I DO count the mile to the store, and then I planned on running with my long run pal Patty. She was doing the 5 mile loop, and then I would go out for another 3 miles by myself before meeting up with Chris for the cool down mile back home. The run itself was a run nothing to eventful to report other than I was too busy talking I never ate my cliff bloks (which until then I always did if I was running over 1:10). The first portion of the run was easy (Patty and I talk a lot), but when I went out on my own I kicked it up a bit and hit 9:38, 9:37 and 9:20. Now I know nothing to go nutty about, but the more I feel comfortable in the 9 min/mile pace range the happier runner I am. After my 9 miles I waited at the CRC store for Chris to finish and chatted it up with the other runners. My total average for all 10 miles 9:57.

That evening after a day of Christmas shopping we celebrated with some pumpkin pie for desert. For this next training cycle I have added an additional day of running to my week (from 4 days to 5 days a week). Sunday was chosen as the best day to toss in an easy 3 mile run. This is my second week running 5 days a week and so far I could barely tell the difference....let's hope this keeps up. I totaled my week out with 26 miles, and Chris finished with over 55 miles (I think 57 to be exact). Coming up next the Buckeye Bash 5k this weekend. Chris and I will both be running the 5k so check back next weekend for my race report.

Finally we had an exciting night in the Honaker house last night. Chris and I both obtained the newest edition of Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s. Chris loves his Wave Rider 12’s, and I am moving up in the running world and adding a second shoe into my running shoe rotation. Currently I run in Nike Vomero’s which I love, but they are feeling a tad heavy at times. The Mizuno is a lighter shoe which is important when wanting to run faster (I won't be expecting miracles).

Have a great week!
Chris & Stevi


Colleen said...

Yay - sounds like your 10 miler went well. When you are enjoying it so much that you forgot to eat your bloks, then you know it's a good run! And you averaged 9:57's!!! YAY!

Yummo to pumpkin pie - sounds like a perfect post race meal

L.A. Runner said...

Been lurking for awhile, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE how you report on BOTH your running accomplishments. You guys are the perfect running couple! Keep up the good work.