Saturday, November 21, 2009

5k PR's for Mr. & Mrs. Honaker, and What's Next

Bucks vs. Michigan today, and of course we kicked it off with a great 5k race. Weather was excellent with bright sun, and temps in the mid 40's. After my last 5k race two weeks ago I was itching to go out and give that sub 26 min goal a shot. I already had a minute PR two weeks ago, but given the difficult course I had to tell myself for the same effort I had to be able to break into the 25:XX range.

As for Chris, he was itching to for a little speed. He has not raced many 5k's this year, and his last one was back in September when he broke the 20 min mark with 19:24. For this race I know his goal was to take off as many seconds as he could from his previous time. He had already hit his 5k goal for this year by getting a 19:XX, but I was pretty certain he would like to get as close to that sub 19 goal as possible before the end of the year (shall I even dare say break that sub 19 goal).

The Buckeye Bash 5k is a charity race benefiting a local schools cross country team. Our local running store, Columbus Running Company puts on the event, and we knew it would be packed with some speedstars. This was all fine to us because it always works better to have some people to chase, then to be out there on your own. Before the race began I meet up with Lori, and Amanda for a one mile warm up. It was great to have a race with some gal pals, and to chat it before things got started. Like we thought the race was definitely bigger than the 68 runners it had last year. Several hundred had come out for a great day for racing. After Chris meet up with two other CRC Pickerington runners, Doug and Dave, I kissed him good luck and tucked in towards the middle of the pack. Knowing the race was not chipped time and that I only lost that sub 26 time two weeks by 3 seconds, I was hoping I wouldn't regret being back so far. Regardless the gun went off, and started the garmin. It took about 3-4 seconds to get to the start and take off running.

Mile 1: My plan was to hit 8 min/mile for the first mile. I have learned I do better banking some time in the beginning. I guess I feed of the energy, since the one time I played it safe I ended up walking.
7:57 mile 1 average time was and I am very happy with that. I've never recorded a sun 8 minute mile on my garmin before.

Mile 2: Mile 2 is always my issue mentally I feel I'm still too far away and I need to conserve my energy. Two weeks ago I had dipped to 8:40 avg for mile 2 so I knew I could slow down a bit, but I still tried to make sure I was more in the 8:30ish range. I also had some runners slowing up and down all over the place during this stretch. The faders where fading bad. Mile 2 8:31 still hitting my plan right on point (although I didn't know it out there sincceI forgot to look at my mile two split).

Mile 3: This is really the hardest mile 3 I have ever had. I had a side stitch that felt like it wanted to pop up every few seconds. I kept trying to focus on keeping my breathing as even as I could (in through the nose, out through the mouth). I never did get the stitch so I guess it worked. Once I saw 2.5 on the garmin I knew it was time to turn it up. I kept telling myself I could push for half a mile and then I saw the school. It was right there, but still looked so far away.
I waited for the turn straight back to the school and took advantage of a slight downhill. It was enough to get my legs moving faster and I tried to do what I've read in the books.....keep it going, don't slow back down. That gave me enough push to pass some runners, and then I turned for the last straight away. I knew my husband would be along the straight away some place and be looking for me to push hard. I got just to the point I could see the clock 25:1X and ticking...I knew I had my 25:XX goal smashed even if I let up some to finish looking like an alive runner, but I had never really pushed myself to get every second I could in a race before. Knowing Chris would expect nothing less of me, and learning how much those little seconds meant to me I pushed, and pushed hard.

(Sadly the best picture taken of me. I was not on the look out for cameras during this race.)

O.14 Mile: 6:53 average pace DANG!!!! Thank god no one had a finish line picture because Chris said I finally looked like I was in real pain, and ready to blow chunks. Well I didn't blow anything, but the kid I beat to the finish did right next to me in the chute. I never felt like I was going that fast, more like a slug across the finish, but regardless I am proud to have given it a strong finish.

I finally have a 5k time that I really think represents what my fitness level is. I also ran with my heart rate monitor and had an average of 188 and max at 204 (don't know resting rate yet I'll get it in the morning).

Chris was happy with his 5k results, though he thinks he "dogged it". He tried not to go out like a rocket which was difficult because the start line was crammed with a bunch of kids. His goal was to keep the pace above 6:00. After getting through the start line mass of runners, he began picking of cross country kids. His last .1 was 5:24 pace, and his heart rate never went above 190 (his max is 200). All things indicate he could have pushed it a bit harder, but who knows. Regardless, he came in around 19:11ish which is a PR for him too. It also sets everything up nicely for his goal of sub 19:00 in 2010.

Speaking of 2010, this was my last "real" race for the year. We both have a thanksgiving day race, but I'm going to run with some friends and have fun (maybe get a picture or video while out there). Chris doesn't have anything on the books, but that could always change pending some great weather. For now we will enjoy the holidays, and begin focusing on 2010 goals. With my 30th birthday just around the corner I've decided to prepare a list of 30 Things to Accomplish for my 30th Birthday. Day 1 will begin in 1/13/10 and end on 1/13/11. I haven't finished my list, but I am thinking of one pretty big and long goal to place on it. I hope to have my list published in a few weeks and at that time will share my big goal.


MrsCJ said...

You two are rockstars! Congrats on the smokin PRs!! Also love your idea for 30 things to accomplish, can't wait to see the list.


MrsCJ said...

Oh and shoot me an email (in my blog profile) if you want to work out a time for us to fly over and meet up for lunch! :)


Colleen said...

You two are crazy fast!!! :) I know I couldn't keep up with you these days (and I never could have kept up with the hubster)! You go girl!