Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now what are we going to do???

This week has been a much better running week then last, for both of us. Although Chris is dealing with a head cold, he has fought the desire to run too fast (but he is no longer at my snail pace at least) although he feels like he could.

I had a really bad run on Monday (pretty sure it was mostly my fault for running too fast), but I have seriously made up for it with two great runs so far. I also think my slow pace range is changing since I find it hard to stay above 10 minute miles (yes you read the right....I'm the beginner OK, LOL). For me this is a real breakthrough.

As I type Chris is sitting across from me putting the final touches on his Boston marathon training plan. All I can say is that he has read the Hudson training book from front to back, and I am pretty sure he is looking at peaking over 70 miles per week, eeekkk!

As for me this week started what I am calling my 30 Miles Per Week Build-up Plan. I ended my half marathon training peaking at 26 miles (I had four weeks at that). I've decided (or Coach Chris has suggested) that to get me to the next level I will need to get my mileage to a steady 30 miles a week, and then work on more quality runs (i.e. hill sprints, tempo runs). I have never focused on running certain runs at certain paces, and I think this introduction along with the modest mileage increase will help me a ton for my spring goal half marathon (Either Capital City Half Marathon, or the Indy Mini-Marathon).

Sunday the last big fall marathon will be taking place in New York City. Ryan Hall and Paula Radcliff (my two favorite runners to watch) look to be in top form, and ready to inspire thousands of young runners. I also want to give a big old GOOD LUCK COLLEEN at Ironman in Florida next weekend. She trains so hard, and sooooo long I am just in awwwww of her dedication. Colleen, Chris and I will be watching for you to cross next Saturday night and sending you tons of well wishes all day long (seriously she will be running, swimming and biking for well over 10 hours).


MrsCJ said...

Sounds like the next training plans are taking form. Can't wait to see what race you decide on! NYM is going to be awesome to watch! We have a 10K that morning so I have it set to record on the DVR.


Stevi N. Honaker said...

Good luck on the 10k. I knew you would be wanting to race as soon as your legs were up to it.

I am about to go out and do something I hate....running in the rain, ugh. I wanted 10 miles today, but I think I may split that up between today and tomorrow.

Colleen said...

You are too cute with giving me a blog shout out! :) Thanks!!!!

I've done Indy before and although it's a great race, it's CROWDED. Just want to throw that out there! :) You have become such a great little runner. I'm so proud of you! :) We should get some runs in together when the Ironman is done!