Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Power Pink & Blazen Red.....

Over the weekend we had a small marathon shoe crisis, so I thought I would devout this post to what we will be relying on to fly us to the finish, our running shoes.

My race shoes have a special name that I have given them. I call them my Power Pink shoes:

I have been training in the Nike Vomero 3's since I was able to start running in January. Prior to finding the Vomero's I had tried four different shoes. Mostly do to my prior shin splint problems I really had some issues, and once I found the Vomero's I haven't wanted to change. I am hoping my Power Pink Vomero's give me an extra burst across the half marathon finish.

The real exciting shoes are the red blazing kicks....Nike Lunar Trainers.

Sadly this shoe is discontinued, and thus why we had a bit of a crisis. First a lesson in racing.....the lighter the shoe the faster you can run (if you are an efficient runner, which is not the case for me, YET). Since Chris is moving to a new level in his racing he has been playing around with different race shoes then what he trains in everyday. After a 13 mile run this past weekend in a very light race shoe, he began a slight panic because he knew the shoe was not going to carry him 26.2 miles. After realizing that the Nike Lunar Trainers would be perfect if only his toes didn't rub the edge of the shoe, we went out hunting. We ventured to our local running store, Columbus Running Company. Our local store did not have the half a size up Chris needed....so they called another of their locations. Fingers crossed I was ready to drive anywhere to ensure that this crisis was put to rest before Monday. Luck was on our side and the only size the store happened to have was the size 11 Chris needed.

A quick drive across town and a spin in the Nike Lunar Trainers a half size bigger....crisis averted. Now I am just hoping to get a picture on race day of flames coming out the back of these shoes as Chris crosses the finish.


Colleen said...

Cute pink shoes... I have a sweet spot for anything pink though! And those red shoes are equally awesome! I'm sure they will both make the Honakers fly this weekend!

MrsCJ said...

Rob has Lunar Trainers and loves them!! May want to carry a fire extinguisher for the flames coming off of them! ;)