Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brought Home A BQ & Two New PR's-Columbus Marathon Results

I wanted to do a quick update (longer race report to come tomorrow)on the Honaker's C-bus Marathon results.

We have a BOSTON QUALIFIER in the house, HECK YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Chris brought home a 3:07:52, which included a 31 minute PR. I have nearly no voice and I am pretty sure my crying and screaming scared a lot of spectators and racers.

As for my first half experience.....I crossed in 2:07:31 Woooohooooo!!!!! It was far beyond what I was ever capable of doing my first time out. I made sure to stay on pace or above, and didn't feel the struggle till the last few miles. I had plenty in the tank to have a great sprint to the finish (which better mean a kick butt finish photo).

Thank you all for your support and I have a really LONG race report to post later (sadly with not enough photos).

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MrsCJ said...

HOLY MOLEY!!! You two are rock stars!! Congrats to Chris for his BQ and killing his previous PR and to you for a stellar first HM time!! How exciting!!! Can't wait for the full details!