Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's been going on....

Better late then never, but I am going to try and bring some life back to this old blog I started last year.

Since I last left off in December of last year I was trying to get rid of shin splints, and Chris was preparing for his first marathon. I have since successfully conquered the shin splints and started running at the first of the year. Chris had a great first marathon at the Flying Pig (why he picked the hilly marathon for his first you will have to ask him), and finished in 3:38. I was able to run my first 5k race (and actually RUN the whole thing as fast as my lungs would let me) at the Flying Pig too. Overall it was a great experience and we learned a ton. Chris walked away knowing he needed to run more miles, and I found out how painful 5k races really were. We also met some fellow Runners World fourmites and had a blast cheering for each other with them.

Since the spring we have both ramped up our running to new levels. For me it was just about building base miles. I ended May with a peak mileage of 15 miles a week. Now I have hit 26 miles a week and ran 98 miles in the month of August. Chris set out to complete the 18/55 pfitzinger marathon training program, but in his over achiever style he turned it into something more like 18/65ish. In addition to the increase mileage, Chris sought out to break some of his previous race times over the summer, and WOW did he. He has ended the summer smashing his 10k time, half marathon, and getting his 5k goal of sub 20 minutes.

This week is MARATHON week in the Honaker house. No one is pulling their hair out (yet), and we are both confident in the hard work and preperation that has gone into this training cycle. For me this is my first distance race, and my No. 1 goal is to sprint across the finish with a BIG SMILE on my face (it better be a great finish photo). I have already completed the full 13.1 miles in my training so I know I can do it. Now it's just about going out there and really having a blast and taking in every mile. I hope to have many more races ahead of me to set time goals. Chris is truly a gifted runner and has been one of the most dedicated runners I have ever met. Running has done so much for him, and Sunday should be a day that all his dedication pays off. Stay tuned for our race reports.....the marathon is a beast and you never know what will happen.


Girl In Motion said...

You guys are SO CUTE, I just loved seeing these photos and putting faces to names. I can't tell you how excited I am for your races this weekend. You're not kidding when you say Chris is gifted, he's catapulted himself to an excellent position for a 3:10 (at the very least). It's been great getting to know him over at RW, he's quite the funny guy. And you my dear Stevi, are just a lovely spirit, it's always a pleasure reading your blog comments.

I'll be thinking about you both this week, keep your nerves at bay if possible. Can't wait to read all about it when it's over.

Good luck good luck good luck!!

Colleen said...

I love seeing how far you both have come in the short time that I've met you! I look forward to following you long into the future! Best of luck Sunday, although neither of you need luck!

MrsCJ said...

You guys are so cute!! And you are kicking major running butt!