Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a great day to be thankful for so much. Chris and I have been blessed, and we are thankful to celebrate another Thanksgiving together. This year was much different from previous years. We spent it totally together. Our family gathering will come later this weekend, but today was just Chris and I (and we loved it). This morning we took part in our fist ever Turkey Trot (5 miler). For Chris is was no big deal (he runs 5 miles on his slow days), but he really wanted to get a great time. Of course he did....33 minutes to run five miles. Not bad for a guy that only had his first race in August of this year.

I on the other hand was just plain scared. I knew I could cocmplete 5 miles even if I had to walk some, but I really was hoping to not have to walk at all. So I planned to take it nice and easy, and even slow down a lot, just no walking. Unfortunatly that did not workout. A mile and a half in my shins felt like they were going to burst through my skin, and it was all I could do but try to stretch quickly and walk it out. About the 3 mile marker they started getting better and I tried running in the grass for a bit. In the end I ran most of the last two miles and the first mile and a half. The rest was off and on, thus it took me an 1 hour and 40 seconds. So now I have a goal for next year 52 or 53 minutes, but first I have to figure out these dang shin issues.

Chris and I have just settled down after filling our belly's with his wonderful turkey and fixings (as we speak Chris is passes out on the couch with Jinx, see picture below). We will be heading out early for a few black friday deals, then I think enjoying the comfort of our couches.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone and thank you for visiting!

Chris chillen in the car, trying to stay warm befor the race.

Chris capturing me scooting across the finish line.

Aw, the prize winner with his prize, pumpkin pie!

No Thanksgiving would not be complete without passing out on the couch!

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