Thursday, September 4, 2008

Handyman Honaker!

On top of our exciting encounter with political heavyweights this past Labor Day weekend, Chris and I (mostly Chris)worked on finishing some much need home improvements. Recently we completed the painting and installation of a new mirror and light fixture in our downstairs powder room. It may sound easy enough, but one thing Chris and I have learned is no job in this house is an easy one.

I still have not decorated or really decided on what I want to do with it, but at least it is painted and the old wall paper is down.

The more significant project that was accomplished was the master bathroom. When we moved into the house we knew that this room would need some TLC. After a year in the house and not really enjoying such a nice large bathroom and soaking tub we (well mostly Chris) decided to try our hand at renovation. First we laid down some great stone like tiles that can go right on top of the existing floor.

Then while doing the floor we decided that we would go ahead and tackle the vanity top. It was cracking when we bought the house and so we knew that it would need replaced, we were just reluctant to do something we could mess up. Well the vanity top was so very easy. What was not so easy was changing the faucet. Like everything in our house, updates have never come simply (it's like they never thought anyone would want to change a light fixture so whats the big deal if we create the whole with our fist). After many trips to Lowes and Sears hardware, and after about 10 hours of work Chris finally succeeded at getting the plumbing attached and the faucet up and running. This is our final result (so far).

We still have to paint the room and I have ordered a new light fixture. Then of course general decorations. It took a year to get this far I just hope it won't take another year to complete.

For those of you who have note seen the inside of our house or the front with the bushes torn out and the new landscaping I am posting some updated pictures for your.

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